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AIM provides a wide array of training programs related to the implementation of ISO® Quality Management Systems. These programs may be subsidized through the state of California's Employment Training Panel (ETP). As an authorized service partner for ETP’s Multiple Employer Contract (MEC) program, we deliver reimbursable services to California corporations. Depending on your organizational needs and size, the ETP program may cover a majority, if not all, of the cost to implement and/or transition your Quality Management System.

The State of California funds ISO® training services through the Employment Training Panel (ETP), an agency founded in 1983 as a co-operative business-labor program to improve the state’s economic competitiveness through employee-training assistance.  To date, the ETP program has allocated over $850 million for training to 55,000 businesses for 600,000 employees. ETP funds are used to off-set the cost of providing ISO training to your employees. AIM partners with an authorized non-profit who manages the paperwork and accounting which allows our clients immediate and simplified access to ETP funds.

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