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ISO Auditing Services

AIM provides diverse, value added auditing services to maximize the benefits of your Quality Management System and reduce your costs by freeing up internal resources.  Remote auditing services are also available upon request. 


Our IATF, AS9100 and ISO auditors have a solid understanding of the process approach, risk-based thinking and expert knowledge of the standards’ requirements. Years of field experience allows our auditors to share industry best practices while auditing. 

Our experienced auditors are certified to the following international standards:

AIM provides the following types of Onsite and Remote Auditing Services: 


Gap Assessment  


This type of audit is conducted before implementing a new standard.  A company’s current processes are assessed to determine if they comply with the requirements of the standard. Gaps between the current system and the requirements of the standard are identified in a detailed report and recommendations for closing the gaps are offered. The Gap Assessment is part of AIM’s standard ISO implementation package. It is also a great fit for the “do-it-yourself” company that wants to kick off its QMS development project with a Gap Report from an outside audit specialist. 


Pre-Certification Audits:


The Pre-Certification audit determines if your company is ready for a certification audit by your registrar.  Our ISO auditors will look at your full quality management system to ensure that all the requirements of the standard have been met and your system is collecting the required records. Our auditors coach and consult while auditing, ensuring that all auditees are ready for the ISO certification audit.  A detailed audit report including nonconformances, opportunities for improvement, and corrective actions is provided to your management team. 


Internal Audits: 


We provide value-added process-based internal audits to firms that want to save costs and time by freeing up internal resources. Our expert ISO auditors provide a fresh set of objective eyes, coaching as they go while ensuring that nonconformances are identified and resolved before your external audit. We provide comprehensive and timely internal audit reports with findings, observations, opportunities for improvement, and suggested corrective actions for added value. 


Supplier Audits

Required by many standards, supplier audits can be used as a key element for yearly supplier evaluations to check that your suppliers have a functional quality management system in place. Our supplier audits can be conducted to international standard requirements or to your own customer specified requirements. 


System Maintenance 


AIM provides system maintenance programs and can function as, or support, your  ISO® Representative.  In this role, we help with internal audits, corrective action responses, improvement projects, management reviews, document control, and host your registrar audits.  

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