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Implementing Management Systems For Sustainable Business Performance


AIM provides onsite and remote ISO consulting services that help companies achieve their ISO certification goals while improving their processes, productivity, and profitability. Our ISO consultants help your company prepare for certification to the major quality, data security, and environmental standards including:

Let us help prepare your company for ISO certification.

In a rush?  Ask us about our expedited services. 


Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) is an organization’s single best decision to increase profits, improve engagement, and optimize productivity.  It provides measurable financial benefits, demonstrates your commitment to continual improvement and customer satisfaction, and enhances your ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet market requirements. 


AIM designs, develops and implements management systems that are tailored to your business processes and conform to recognized international standards. Our efficient and proven five-stage ISO implementation process ensures successful ISO certification, process improvements, and well-run operations.  Our consultants will walk you through the full certification process from system design, development, implementation, and maintenance. 


We understand that one size does not fit all. As such, we customize our services to meet your needs and your budget with minimal disruption to your operation.  The process can take anywhere between two and six months, depending on your needs.


AIM also provides ISO consulting services on an as-needed basis.  Our customers have the option to choose from a wide array of services including:  


Project Management

Our ISO consultants keep everything on track, working with your team to ensure that all tasks and open action items are completed as scheduled. 


Leadership Workshops and Strategic Planning


ISO 9001, the foundation on which other industry and ISO standards are built, emphasizes leadership involvement, strategic planning, risk-based thinking and context of the organization. Our leadership workshops facilitate multi-functional planning to ensure your organization achieves its strategic objectives. We consider your company’s operating environment - identifying stakeholders, internal and external factors, and risks and opportunities that may impact the success of your business.  From there, our ISO consultants help you define the scope of your management system, quality policy, key company processes, and their interactions. We work cross-functionally throughout your organization to identify, assess, monitor, and ensure effective management of organizational, operational, and process risks. 


Process Mapping, Controls, Measures, and Improvement


AIM’s process improvement is a proven approach to help organizations optimize underlying processes to strengthen efficiencies and exceed business targets. Our ISO Consultants use a variety of tools such as flow charts, SIPOCs, and turtles to map and optimize processes.  We work with your team to identify process owners, roles and responsibilities, inputs and outputs, resource requirements, controls, and key performance indicators (KPI) for each process. We help develop KPI tools and dashboards for effective monitoring, measurement, evaluation, and improvement of processes. 


Document Creation and Review

Our consultants will work with your process owners to create, review and edit your quality manual, procedures, work instructions, flowcharts, logs, and forms.  


Auditing Services

AIM provides diverse ISO auditing services to maximize the benefits of your Quality Management System and reduce costs by freeing up internal resources.  Gap Assessments, Internal Audits, Certification Readiness Review Audits, and Supplier Audits are all offered. 


Our auditors have a solid understanding of the process approach and risk-based thinking, expert knowledge of the major international standards, and years of field experience, allowing them to share industry best practices while auditing.  Learn more about our ISO Auditing Services 

Management Review Support


Periodic management review meetings allow your leadership team to evaluate the effectiveness of your QMS and its processes. To familiarize your company with the management review process, we will prepare the agenda and minutes, work with your team to gather the required data, and chair your first management review meeting.


Training Programs

Our ISO training programs are tailored to your organization's context and needs. ​Learn more about all of our ISO Training Programs.


Maintenance Services

AIM provides system maintenance programs and can function as, or support, your Management Representative.  In this role, we help with internal audits, corrective action responses, improvement projects, management reviews, document control, and host your registrar audits.   



Located in Northern and Southern California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York, our ISO consultants are highly specialized in their education, experience, and expertise. AIM prides itself on our record of success, depth of experience, and teamwork approach. Our work is a partnership. We become part of your implementation team, driving the process to ensure a high-quality implementation across the organization. Our technical experts have unparalleled industry-specific experience and exposure to the ISO consulting life cycle covering implementation, training, documentation, and certification.  At AIM we are a team, working together to ensure your project’s success and to earn your long-term trust and business.  


100% successful certification.
Increased revenue and profitability.
Competitive advantage.
Improved efficiencies.  
Enhanced productivity.
Customized solutions.


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