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ISO Consulting Services


Awareness Integrated Management® approaches business management holistically to optimize the fundamental components of your business – your people and processes – to guarantee quality and profitability.



Business Management Strategy

AIM’s Business Management Strategy integrates the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating multi-functional planning to ensure your organization achieves its strategic objectives.



Risk Management

We support your company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and work cross-functionally throughout the organization to identify, assess, monitor, and ensure effective management of enterprise-level risks.



A Culture of Growth

We believe in the power of human interaction and social networks.  We develop organizational capacity to support staff to grow. We find strengths and bring them forward.



Quality Management Systems

AIM provides training, consulting, and auditing services for organizations to improve their processes, productivity, and profitability while conforming to internationally recognized management standards.



Process Improvement

AIM’s process improvement is a proven approach to help organizations optimize underlying processes to strengthen efficiencies and exceed business targets.



Workplace Empowerment

AIM’s Workplace Empowerment instills workers with passion sparking innovative thinking, encouraging collaboration, and promoting a healthy culture.

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